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Pet Hospice And Palliative Care Melbourne

Client Information

  • My business hours are Monday -Thursday 10am -3pm 

  • I cannot answer phone calls, emails, prescription requests etc outside of business hours

  • I am consulting every 2nd Wednesday at Elwood Vet from 4 -7pm, if you need to book an appointment on a Wednesday afternoon, please contact Elwood Vet directly: 9531 1771

  • Please make sure you are on time for your appointment and take traffic into account, as I am usually booked back-to-back and cannot allow extra time at the end. 

  • If I haven’t seen your pet in a while and symptoms are worsening/there are new or different issues, please book a revisit or phone consult as I’m not able to provide email consultations

  • Phone consults must be paid IN ADVANCE – I will send an invoice 2 days prior to the booking, if payment has not gone through on that day, I will open the spot for another patient


Bookings, Cancellations, and Rescheduling​

  • in most cases we will book a follow up appointment while you are here

  • if you cannot attend your appointment, please cancel online via the confirmation- or reminder email and book another time through my website:

  • please be mindful of the cancellation policy, however - you do not have to pay a cancellation fee if you or your pet are sick or in case of a family emergency 

  • if you do receive an invoice with a late cancellation / no show fee, it must be paid PRIOR to booking another appointment


Prescriptions and Orders for Herbal Formulas

  • For me to be able to process your order, the invoice must be paid BEFORE I can process the order 

  • Pick up of herbs and supplements are MONDAYS - THURSDAYS ONLY - during business hours – if you are not able to come during those hours, I can post your herbs, medications etc (additional charges apply) 

  • Please check your supplies frequently and place an order in time, so that you don’t run out over the weekend/ holidays

CBD oil: 

  • It is a compounded product, and the pharmacy usually takes 1-3 days to have the order ready, as they are very busy

  • Please be patient and kind when dealing with the pharmacy staff and make sure you order repeats on time, so you don’t run out

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