Bayside Vet Melbourne

Services and Pricing

My consulting fees are based on the time I spend with you and your pet. 

Each consultation allows time for a thorough physical exam, stress-free treatment for your pet and discussion and re-evaluation of the treatment plan (including medication). 

Initial consultation (60min) - $165

Follow-up consultation (30min) - $100

Home Visit (within 10km of Elwood):

Initial (60min) - $220

Subsequent (30min) - $165

All charges include GST. 


Veterinary Acupuncture Consultation

The initial consultation takes about 60min and involves an in-depth discussion of your pet’s medical history and lifestyle, a thorough assessment of the entire body and first treatment with acupuncture. Together we will create a treatment for your pet, that may also include dietary therapy, Chinese herbal medicine and lifestyle advice. 

Follow up consultations take approximately 30min, during which I will reassess your pet’s health and physical examination, followed by treatment with acupuncture. 

The number of subsequent sessions depends on each individual patient and the underlying condition. 

Other acupuncture modalities that I use where it is appropriate: 


Applying electric current to needles inserted into acupuncture points. Electrostimulation relaxes spasming muscles and can aid the body in re-establishing nervous impulses when nerve damage has occurred (nerve root or spinal cord damage from IVDD, FCE, trauma etc).


Using laser energy to stimulate acupuncture points is great for providing "needle-less" acupuncture treatments especially on patients that don’t readily tolerate needle insertion.

There is no extra cost involved with these treatment modalities. 


Hospice And Palliative Care

When a beloved pet is reaching the end of life, the last journey is never easy for any pet owner. Acupuncture, pain management and adjustment in the home environment are only some of the things, that can be done to make the final stages of your pet's life as comfortable as possible.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Advice

Acupuncture as part of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine is a holistic concept of treatment and every consultation will include assessment and discussion of your pet's environment, lifestyle and diet