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How pet owners have experienced our services

"When I first consulted with Dr Jennifer Robinson (Dr Jen) in the vet clinic it was clear that my old dog, Ashley was in quite poor health and discomfort due to age-related illnesses and arthritis following two ACL surgeries some years before. Dr Jen offered to visit Ashley at home to avoid the stress of transport to the clinic. I dealt extensively with Dr Jen for seven months as she assisted me in the care of Ash in her final months. I had initially thought that Ash may have had only a few weeks so meeting Dr Jen and gaining that additional time with my beloved dog baby (old lady) was a beautiful gift.
Through a regular visit schedule Dr Jen was able to improve Ashley’s situation in terms of both pain and mobility and the result was immediate. Following each visit which included acupuncture Ashley regained strength and mobility, and her discomfort was ameliorated significantly.

Having lost my life partner and also another long-standing canine member of my family in recent years it was particularly difficult for me to contemplate the prospect of losing Ashley even through the normal course of the ageing process. Part of Dr Jen’s great gift to me was to prepare me for that event through regular conversation around the topic in both general and specific terms. Dr Jen is one of the kindest people that I have ever met with an abundance of empathy and wisdom and a natural holistic healer and provider of hospice. Dr Jen’s reverence and affinity for older animals is remarkable and I love the way she celebrates and attends to the ‘oldies’ with the utmost of hope and respect. Ash loved Jen and I’m sure she looked forward to her visits.

Dr Jen helped us in so many ways. From practical ideas about the various accommodations I could make around the house to support a frail older dog, to preparing my weekly dog dosette box of medications and provision of general information about what I might expect from Ash as she continued to age, Dr Jen’s abundance of knowledge and insight was invaluable.

When it finally became clear to me that it was time to let Ashley go I did so knowing that we had celebrated and extended her life as completely and comfortably as possible. With Jen’s support I was able to let my girl pass away at home. It was such a dignified and beautiful experience, even though it was terribly sad. Dr Jen was so remarkable throughout the entire journey, and particularly at the end. I will never forget her support and will continue to use her as our family vet."

Julie Holt, Parkdale

"I cannot praise Jen enough and would recommend her in a heartbeat.
She has been looking after our elderly dog Toby since his spinal surgery last September for IVDD and he also suffers from arthritis. Before seeing her he did not really like having acupuncture so it was difficult for him to get any real benefits from the treatment as he would never sit still long enough. With Jen he is so relaxed and she has helped him greatly with pain and movement in his back and legs and I am so grateful for all that she has done for Toby.

Jen is truly wonderful with Toby and she really puts the very best into the care and well being of her patients. She has gone above and beyond just the acupuncture and offered advice on Toby’s general well being and help on how to make him more comfortable at home.
Jen is also wonderful with people. She put us at ease and I felt an immediate sense of comfort and trust in her right from the first visit. She is an exceptional vet, healer and person and I am thankful that we found her and for the help she has given the little “muffin”."

Yotta and Elena, Armadale

"I really can't recommend Jen and her service's/expertise high enough!!! I couldn't walk Lucey the distance of 2 houses, nor could she jump on my bed to come sleep several months ago due to severe joint disease. The treatments/support pre surgery/post surgery with cast and after cast removal to now have given amazing results to compliment the surgery and ensure Lucey is as mobile as ever and pain free without drugs! We are now able to head out for over 40minutes and she is back to being a mountain goat lol. I really cant thank you enough!!! Definitely time and money well invested not spent!"

Mel and Lucey