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Pet Hospice And Palliative Care Melbourne

The Treatment

What can I expect at the first treatment of my pet?


The first consultation will take approximately one hour and involves collecting a detailed history of your pet from a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) approach as well as a thorough physical examination of your pet. Ideally we have your pet's medical history from your regular vet at the time of the first consultation.

After establishing a TCM diagnosis, a treatment plan will be created specific to your pet’s condition and your pet will receive the first acupuncture treatment.

What can I expect after an acupuncture treatment?


  • In many cases there is marked improvement of symptoms in the first few days following an acupuncture treatment

  • Sometimes there is no obvious change in the symptoms, but the animal may seem “brighter” or more energetic

  • In some cases symptoms improve for 24- 48 hours, then can slowly regress
again, or symptoms get worse for 12 - 24 hours, then improve rapidly- this is very different from patient to patient.

  • Many owners report that their pet sleeps for several hours after the acupuncture treatment. Some animals have an increased appetite shortly after the treatment, some do not want to eat for the rest of the day - Each patient is unique!

  • With subsequent treatments gradual improvement is to be expected, until there is complete recovery or a plateau is reached. For chronic conditions, several subsequent treatments may be required to maintain the plateau.                              

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