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Melbourne Veterinary Acupuncture

Things to know

  • Acupuncture is usually well tolerated by animals and you may even find your pet running towards the treatment room after a couple of treatments!

  • If your animal is food-driven and relaxes better with treats, feel free to bring your pet’s favourite treats to the treatment sessions

  • If your pet has a favourite blanket or bed to lie on and you think it may make your furry kid more comfortable during treatment, bring it along!

  • To achieve the best possible treatment results, we ask you to provide us with the medical history of your pet from your regular veterinarian 48 hours PRIOR to your appointment

  • If your animal is under current treatment with steroids, a slowed response to treatment with acupuncture is to be expected

  • Depending on the condition and its severity, some patients do not respond to treatment, this is usually evident after 4-6 treatments. In these cases we will discuss further treatment options

  • Please take your dog for a good walk prior to the treatment, if his/her condition allows this, as most dogs are more relaxed after exercise

  • After your pet’s acupuncture treatment avoid excessive exercise or stress for the rest of the day.

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