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Pet Nutrition and Lifestyle Advice Melbourne

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TCVM Nutrition for dogs and cats

This book has been written by a qualified veterinarian and TCVM practitioner for those pet owners who have pets that are unwell and want a non-processed natural alternative to providing a prescription diet.  The recipes in this book are healthy and less expensive fresh food prescription diets that have been carefully and professionally formulated according to Traditional Chinese Medicine principles and also current research.

Natural Prescription Diets for Dogs and Cats Dr Clare Middle

Disability aids for dogs with special needs and geriatric dogs:


Home euthanasia

The decision to euthanise a beloved animal is never easy but allowing your pet to make this last journey at home can alleviate some of the stress of visit to the veterinarian for both you and your pet. 


There are fantastic home euthanasia services available throughout Melbourne:


Pet Loss and Grief Support and Counselling



Acupuncture for the Treatment of Animal Pain


Use of Acupuncture for Pain Management

Acupuncture for dogs with IVDD

Comparison of Decompressive Surgery, Electroacupuncture, and Decompressive Surgery Followed by Electroacupuncture for the Treatment of Dogs With Intervertebral Disk Disease With Long-Standing Severe Neurologic Deficits


Evaluation of electroacupuncture treatment for thoracolumbar intervertebral disk disease in dogs

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